Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Show and Tell Tuesday

Remember Show and Tell Day in grade school? Today I have a grown up version for you!

I'm ready to enter the wonderful world of home preserves and putting up food, so I'm quite thrilled to have found this canning pot with a rack and 12 mason jars on UsedOttawa.com. The previous owner wanted them out of her place so badly, she dropped everything off at my house!

Also from UsedOttawa, I'm looking forward to filling these glass jugs with homemade sumac lemonade this summer.

This was a super simple, quick and easy craft project I completed this weekend. It took no more than an hour to take a mesh onion bag and crochet edging and handles on to it, to turn it into a reusable produce bag.
(If anyone is interested in step by step instructions, let me know and I'd be happy to post a tutorial!)

After reading Greeen Sheeep's glowing review of the safety razor, I decided that I too wanted to ditch the disposable plastic kind. The ADGMD read my mind (or at least the email I sent him with the link to Greeen Sheeep's post, followed by, "I want this!"), 'cause he got me one for my birthday.

After a few extremely slow, careful and tentative passes on my leg, in which I half expected to open a vein and bleed out on the bathroom floor, I realised, "Hey, it's just like the normal, everyday shaving I've been doing all my life. Awesome." No nicks, no cuts, just a lovely smooth shave.

And finally, my last show and tell you can't see, but without it, I wouldn't have been able to take and post these pictures. My old digital camera died on me a few weeks ago. It was a hand me down from my godmother, and it had a good life, but I needed another digital camera.

The ADGMD and I began sourcing a few on UsedOttawa. While mentioning to his sister that he was on the lookout for a second hand cam, the ADGMD discovered that his sis had just bought a new one. She was planning on giving her old, still working camera to her neighbour, but then the neighbour went out and bought a new one, so now the camera has come to me and I couldn't be happier! As for my old camera, I will make sure to dispose of it responsibly.


Maire said...

I would love to see a tutoral for the bag.

Amber said...

No problem! I'll try and have it posted by next week.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber

Good luck with the home preserves...definately on my to-do-one-day list.

Your onion bag produce bag looks great! Would love a tutorial. Any chance you could make it suitable for those that cannot crochet? I have not chocheted in years and not sure i would remember?

What a beautiful razor! I am in the process of going though all my 'disposables' and replacing them with 'reuseables' and razor was on my list. I was not overly excited - but am now.

Thanks also for the great link to the child drawing inspired softies made from recycled materials. What a great idea. Lots of inspiration!


greeen sheeep said...

I love the way you repurposed the mesh bag. Ingenious! I also have on of those glass jugs. They fit perfectly in the refrigerator door. I have not been lucky enough to score canning equipment, but am looking. Food preservation is a goal of mine this year.

Glad to see you took the leap of faith and switched to the safety razor. I love mine. Only person left in this house to convert is Hubby. I was hoping that getting the 12 year old to shave successfully with the safety razor would be enough to convince him that it is no big deal. So far it hasn't worked. He's down to his last few disposable blades. Dum, dum, dum.... we'll see.