Friday, December 25, 2009

Something Special for Ma and Pa

A) This episode makes me just a teeny bit weepy.

B) I so totally want Ma's red bonnet.

C) There was a time when I didn't need a saddle to ride a horse either. That was a long time ago though and it doesn't really have anything to do with anything, except that watching this clip reminded me that I used to ride horses a lot, sometimes without a saddle.

D) I so totally want to make Mary's winter bonnet/scarf for myself.

E) I wrap all my presents in brown paper, string and cloth too! Can I get a pioneer's fist bump yo?

F) I think Pa is handsome.

G) What are the chances that bonnets will come back into style? How weird would it be if I started wearing them regardless?

and finally,

H) I hope you all receive something special today.

Wishing you simple blessings, small gifts and boundless love.



Tony R. said...

oh yeah, fist bump on the brown paper!

Ferdzy said...

A) I watched it with the sound off, so no weepy here.

B) I've been looking at a *lot* of old bonnets lately.

C) I've never ridden a horse in my life.

D) There was a whole lot of excellent millinery in that episode, although some of it looked suspiciously like, ahem, acrylic.

E) What those brown packages need is some potato prints!

F) I think Pa is handsome but uses way too much hair product for a pioneer.

G) What are the chances that bonnets will come back into style? I'm kind of thinking they might, at least some of the more practical ones. I'm probably going to make a Lapland bonnet. My Dad found my old one that I got (in Lapland!) when I was 7 and gave it back to me for Xmas this year. Alas, it no longer fits, but I could use it as a pattern.

and finally,

H) I hope you had a restful yet zestful holiday.

p.s. Word Verification - trews. Ha!

Amber said...

Thanks Tony! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Hi Ferdzy. Hee hee! Thanks for the great comment and I'm so glad I'm not the only one a bit smitten with bonnets!

I'm already working a pattern out in my head for one to crochet.

I also just discovered the Sontag the other day. Now I can't decide which to make first.

Wonderful holiday wishes to you too!