Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Urban Homestead Series: My Own Hallmark

This is my collection of cards and card making supplies. Thrift stores, church bazaars and charity shops are great places to find all kinds of unused, stationary items. I love my card supply because it means that I never have to buy a new, expensive card. I save money, reduce waste and I always have something on hand for every occasion. I store everything in a box that I keep on my desk. It's neat and tidy, yet easily accessible when I need it.

I celebrated a friend's birthday on the weekend and since he's a lover of fine food and drink, I gifted him with a bottle of my homemade, plum infused brandy. The bottle came from a consignment shop near my house.

I wrapped it in this pretty piece of linen purchased at a church bazaar and tied it with a drawstring separated from some random item a long time ago, that I had saved. From my card collection, I chose this old postcard from Spain. It kinda looks like the birthday boy and his awesome dudette and they visited Spain last summer. I skipped the envelope, since, unless you're mailing it, just seems superfluous to me.


Update: Just adding some links with information on the environmental impact of the greeting card industry.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I have all kinds of card making supplies, but just don't seem to ever get around to it. Maybe this year!

Amber said...

Hi Local Cook! Yeah, I used to spend a lot of time making my own cards, but more often than not I find myself using up my thrift store card supplies. Which is why I always keep an eye out for unused, second hand cards. Very handy and time saving, but I still avoid buying new!

Sherry said...

I love old cards too Amber. I search them out at yard sales etc. Sometimes I find antique ones too! I still but the rare card that is usually hand painted or quilted etc

Amber said...

Sherry, quilted cards sound lovely!