Monday, June 21, 2010

Gold Bouillon Securities

I invest in gold.

It only cost pennies per ounce.

I keep it safe, in my freezer.

I make it myself.

This gold came from the water I blanched my spinach in. Then I threw in the spinach stalks and the stalks of kale I had saved from an earlier kale chip making venture.

This is the best kind of alchemy. The kind I can eat.


Alicia said...

Hey sooo...there's probably a rather obvious answer to this but do you just put them in the fridge? I'm in the process of replacing all of my plastic storage containers with glass (mostly reused/salvaged mason jars) but if you want to freeze something it's not very practical to have glass. I package precooked items/fruit/veggies/anything solid in glass bakeware (with plastic lids) but anything liquid would probably be a disaster. Could you freeze it first and then put the lid on? If you do just put it in the fridge (the bouillon specifically) how long will it keep? Thanks in advance!

wendyytb said...

What would you use this for, Amber?

Alicia said...

Apparently I somehow missed that you actually WROTE that you keep it in your freezer...

Amber said...

Hey Alicia! Yes, I do keep them in the freezer in glass jars. They do take up a bit of space, but I'd rather use glass than plastic if I can. And you do have to be careful doing it that way, because it can indeed be a disaster as you say. I avoid breakage by only using canning jars which tend to be stronger glass and with liquids I make sure to leave A LOT of head space for expansion. Though I've had to learn that lesson the hard way a couple times. Ooops! I believe it's possible to pressure can soup stock to make it shelf stable, but I haven't ventured into that world yet. I'm still only just exploring water bath canning world. :)

Hi Wendy. I plan to use it for soup stock. I've been wanting to use my veggie scraps to make stock for ages and I had all this water left over from blanching my spinach, plus a lot of spinach and kale stalks so I let it all simmer for a bit, strained it into jars and called it stock. Hopefully it turns out!

Liz said...

Completely off topic - we felt the earthquake here in Peterborough and read the centre is out your way. Hope you're okay.

Amber said...

Hi Liz. All okay here. 5.5 quake really shook things up in my building at work but no damage or injury to anything or one. Things were really moving though, that's for sure (especially my heart rate!)
My mom felt it all the way in Barrie.
Hope all is well in P-Bo. Thanks!

denimflyz said...

Love your photos Amber, just stunning.
I freeze my stock also, yup, learned the hard way about not enough headspace in a jar, but I have great luck with freezing stock, I also put stock in ice cube trays and freeze, then pop them out and put in jars also.
I also dehydrate a vegetable stock pulp, when I juice. I reuse the pulp, ( your own garden produce or an organic farmer you buy from at farmer's market, (as you use the peels and all), then place pulp in my dehydrators and spread it out and dry and viola, dry stock. I also grind it in my grinder for powdered stock in a shaker.
Love your blog.

Peaceful Regards,