Thursday, September 16, 2010

I heart Nikki McClure

I can't tear my eyes away from Nikki McClure's beautiful artwork.

I love the way she elevates the everyday into something sublime and celebratory. Like this, and and this, and oh my this.

So beautiful. I want them all.


Urban Gril said...

That's soooooooo funny, wow. I was just looking at her prints last week and they made me think of you and your homesteading adventures! I thought you would love her!

I stumbled upon Olympia Prints last year - they had this great "I speak for the trees" print!

Nikki is great, isn't she? : )

Amber said...

Hee hee! Very cool. Yep, I'm totally smitten with her work.
I'm pretty excited to have gotten permission from her to use her Culture print of the woman making sauerkraut for the info sheet I'm going to hand out at the workshop next Saturday!