Monday, March 21, 2011

Mycelium Dreams

I was able to partially uncover some of my mushroom logs the other day. I've got three shitake and three oyster mushroom inoculated logs. Half of them are in the backyard and the other half in a friend's backyard nearby. They've been under burlap all winter.

The process started a little over a year ago with a trip to a friend's family woodlot where his father and brother culled some oak trees. The logs destined for 'shroom spawn sat for a few months and then last spring we inoculated them and divvied them up.

With luck the mycelium will have spread throughout the logs all last summer and they will begin to fruit this year. I'm a bit concerned abut the green mold in the above picture, however the other log is showing some more promising signs.

As soon as the rest of the snow and ice melts, I'll stand these logs up. I might try 'forcing' them to fruit by soaking and shocking them and if all goes well, I'll have some homegrown mushrooms this year!

We got our spawn plugs and a lot of our info here.


J.Garlough said...

The log I covered has some green mold (trichoderma i think?) on it too.

Seems the solution is to wipe/brush it off using a small amount of alcohol and leave the log exposed to free-flowing air and indirect sunlight.

Amber said...

Cool! Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely give it try. :)