Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the Garden

Knowing my love for all things hedge related, the ADG gifted me with a billhook for my birthday! Traditionally, its use is most often associated with laying hedges, although the tool is well suited for removing small shrubs, branches and the tough, woody stalks of large weeds. Since I don't have anywhere to lay a hedge yet, that's exactly my plan for my billhook. I've had to wait for two long months to use it, but I finally broke it in last weekend.

Here is a section of one of our plots before.

And here is what it looks like after taking the billhook to it.


It's a very satisfying tool to use and I'd say the billhook did a fine job of cleaning up the place.

And here are a few more shots of other parts of our garden. We did a lot of sheet mulching last fall and I'm really excited about having fully prepped beds ready to be planted this spring.

The ADG protecting his awesome dude guy identity.

Part of our first harvest of 2011.

The bike ride home as the sun sets. I look forward to many more of these skies over the coming months.

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