Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grow Weeds! Make Money!

Huh, I wonder what kind of search engine traffic the title of this post will generate?

Anyone who gets directed here looking for information on how to grow and profit from a particular kind of 'weed', will be disappointed. But maybe they'll stick around long enough to check out the amazing and magnificent Michael 'Skeeter' Pilarski video below and learn that Skeeter who, among many other seriously cool things, wildcrafts and cultivate weeds, which he sells on the herbal market. (Again, not that kind of 'herb'.)

Maybe, the disappointed person will be moved enough by Skeeter when he says awesome things like, "There's a lot of reasons to have weeds in your garden" or "weeds and the garden are dancing together for everyone's benefit" to give up their other 'weed' growing idea and take up the brave and noble pursuit of growing honest to goodness, down to earth, humble weeds. Useful weeds that you can make money on!

Wow. I love this guy!


jd said...

Here's an interesting site:

Amber said...

Thanks for the link jd. Nice article! I've harvested and worked with all the plants listed except for the dogwood. :)