Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fast and Easy Crochet Project

My most popular post by far, is my tutorial on how to crochet your own reusable mesh produce bag. Nearly three years later, I'm still making and using these bags and I can tell you they are very durable and hold up well. I love them for bringing home produce from the farmer's market and my own garden. I also think they make lovely gifts. So I'm making a whole bunch this year.


wendyytb said...

I still have mine! Well used and well loved!

Dmarie said...

too cute!

Amber said...

Wendy, I'm glad yours has held up and still in use! You know, I wear those fabulous slippers you sent me, every single day from fall through spring. They've been mended a couple of times, and will need repairs again in the future I'm sure. But I plan to wear them until they fall apart. I love them!! And often think of you when I put them on. :)

Thanks Dmarie. It's a really fun and quick project and makes good use of something most people throw away!