Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If You Post It, It Will Come

I recently started a tumblr blog that I'm calling A Small House and a Large Garden, which is a reference to the Abraham Cowley quote on the sidebar of this blog and at the top of my new one.

The plan is to simply curate images that reflect how I aspire to live in the world and gather visual ideas for crafting a way of being and creating home. I'm making big changes in my life this year, leaving my job and moving, and I don't have a neat, step by step plan or specific goal for determining what's going to come next. But I do have a pretty good idea of the direction I want to move in and a growing vision of how that might unfold. Posting these images will continually remind me of that vision and add to it.

Maybe it's the Sci-Fi/Fantasy I've been reading lately (I'm thoroughly enjoying this library read), but I feel like maybe I might be able to work a little magic here. With JPEGS and pixels, perhaps I can conjure up my dream life and make it happen. Or, at the very least, get some decorating inspiration for my new place, wherever it may be.

If you don't find anything new here, I've probably posted something over there.

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