Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Lilies

One of the bonuses to visiting family is the opportunity to forage in different environments. I visited this patch of daylilies on my dad's property last weekend and harvested some bulbs and shoots.
Later in the day, my dad took me to his ramps patch. They are growing on a sold lot in a new housing development area and are probably going to get destroyed when construction begins.
My dad has been digging them up and transplanting them into his bush as well as collecting seeds. And of course we gathered some to eat too.
The patch was full of trout lilies, so I harvested a handful while there.
And stopped to admire the blue cohosh in bloom.

The flowers, though small. Are stunning. My dad is going to try and transplant some of these as well.

In the kitchen I set to cleaning and preparing the day's harvest.

And lightly sauteed everything in olive oil, seasoned with just a touch of salt and pepper. My dad, step-mom and I enjoyed a tasty dish of wild, lily family plants!

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