Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Greetings from my Garden!

Sometimes this is what, "stopping after work to pick up something for dinner" looks like for me.  Instead of freezing in the frozen food section and waiting in line at the checkout while a musak version of the Beatles' 'Michelle' is piped through tinny speakers at the grocery store, I find myself biking in a pencil skirt and strappy sandals, to my allotments.  There I'm greeted by the live-wire hum of cicadas, birdsong and a light, refreshing breeze.  I feel the heels of my sandals sink into the earth as I meander between the garden beds.  I pull a few carrots that need to be thinned from one bed, two summer squash from another.  A quick weeding rewards me with purslane, lambsquartes and amaranth, all delicious.  Added to the handful of chard, kale and turnip greens I gather, it will make for a tasty and nutrient rich vegetable dish.  A flash of colour catches my eye and I quickly pick a bunch of flowers for the table at home.  Grocery shopping done and bag full, I take a few moments to notice my surroundings, feel the sun on my skin and give thanks for the gifts of my garden.  Back on my bike I head home to make dinner from fresh-picked, organic ingredients still warm and damp from sunshine and earth.  And I didn't have to stand in line.  Only thing is, without the tabloids at the checkout, I have no idea how little Suri is handling the split between Tom and Katie.  Darn!    ;)

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tricia said...

Sounds like a lot more fun than a trip to the supermarket.