Wednesday, November 21, 2012


...I had a litre of milk left over from a workshop I hosted recently on wild, roasted root coffee. I don't drink milk and the ADG has been so busy lately that he wasn't able to drink any of it before it had begun to sour slightly. Not wanting to cry over spoiled milk, I heated it up on the stove, added some apple cider vinegar to separate the curds and whey and proceeded to make farmer's cheese, thus extending the life of that milk by at least a couple of weeks. The ADG promises it won't last that long!  
...I ladled my most recent batch of bone broth into jars to keep in the freezer.  This one is rich in minerals and immune boosting herbs with the addition of astragalus, burdock, nettle and clover. It's so good.
...I found a little quiet time in the afternoon to work on a couple of craft projects, destined for Christmas gifts.

...the marshmallow roots I dug out of the garden the week before, were finished drying in the dehydrator so they got stored away in jars. 
...these local, organic apples were turned into juice and apple sauce.
...I cooked up another batch of homemade laundry detergent while the apples were steaming. was such a beautiful day that I went for a long walk and watched the sunset at my sit spot.
Yesterday. It was a good day.


J.G. said...

Did the slightly sour milk make slightly sour cheese?

...I attempted the same with very sour milk once and it made some very sour farmers cheese. Perhaps I just caught the milk too late...

Amber said...

Hmmm...yes, I suspect there might be a soured milk window. This milk had just barely turned, you just wouldn't want to pour it on your wheaties.