Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Independence Days Week #3

Here is my update for Sharon's Independence Days Challenge. You can follow along with her's and other's updates here.

Plant something:
- marigolds
- a few pole beans (This may have been premature. They were calling for frost on Sunday night and the ground might be too cold for them to germinate. We'll see....)
- transplanted wild strawberries around the beans
- planted beet seedlings and oregano that neighbour gardeners gifted to us
- planted raspberries that some friends gifted to us
- planted cilantro seedlings in larger pots
- planted chive seedlings in planter box (My seedlings are terribly leggy and floppy from not enough light or deep enough soil. I think I will end up buying seedlings at the farmer's markets, and trying to start from seed again next year....)

Harvest something:

- violets
- nettles (probably the last of them as they are starting to flower)
- creasy greens

Preserve something:
- blanched and froze some nettles

Reduced waste:
- ate radish top greens (very tasty when lightly sauteed with garlic greens, salt and pepper)
- cooked beans in sun oven (set up before I went to work, came home to perfectly cooked beans!)
- trellised peas with found materials
- used comfrey leaves in and around garden plot as mulch, watering with comfrey and nettle tea)
- composted last years tomatillos that didn't freeze well at all even though everyone says you can freeze tomatillos

Preparation and storage:
- bought energy bars on sale (good until January only, so they are for short term emergency supplies)
- added more hydrogen peroxide to first aid supplies
- started cleaning out bathroom cupboard to make room for more supplies
- sorted through dried food and herbs in kitchen cupboard, separated food from medicinals, medicinals will now be stored in bathroom cupboard
- bought bulk, local soy beans from farmer's market

Build community food systems:

- went with friend to farmer's market on Saturday and Sunday
- hosted an open garden party at my allotment plot, offered mostly local, homemade refreshments, made tea with the sunoven, the cornbread I tried to make was not very successful

Eat the food:
- rhubarb apple cranberry crisp from freegan rhubarb
- used the last jar of frozen zucchini from last summer for muffins
- added violets to salad
- used creasy greens for saute

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