Monday, August 10, 2009

Independence Days Week #15

Plant something:

Harvest something:
- 1 lb peas
- 9 oz bush beans
- 3 cucumbers
- black currants
- 2nd growth nettle
- lamb's quarters
- sumac
- parsley, dill, chives, basil, oregano, chamomile
- calendula flowers (gifted from plot neighbour!)
- corn silk

Preserve something:

- sumac tincture
- dried elderberries in brandy tincture
- infusing purple basil in vinegar
- garlic honey
- infusing feverfew and calendula in oil
- drying corn silk, carrot greens, dill, chamomile
- hang drying string beans
- froze currants until ready to further process

Waste Not:
- drying carrot greens for soup stock
- used sun oven to cook beets
- ate beet greens
- saving corn silk
- composted pea vines
- letting lamb's quarters, evening primrose and purslane grow in now empty pea bed

Want Not:

- used pea trellis materials to stake up tomatoes
- making own calcium supplement with crushed egg shells and apple cider vinegar
- made this
- salvaged edger and garden spade from curb

Preparation and Storage:
- saving pea seeds
- decanted mallow flower oil
- stored dried nettle seed, mugwort, feverfew and dill in jars

Building Community Food Systems:
- local food from farmer's market
- attended formation meeting of Transition Ottawa

Eat the Food:
- used peas and beans in a stir fry
- sauteed nettle and lamb's quarters with beet greens, garlic scapes and dandelion vinegar
- drinking sumac 'lemonade'


Liz said...

I'd love to hang out with you for a weekend. On the first day you could identify all the wild plants and on day two you'd show me how to use them. I need to find some local classes.

Amber said...

Hey Liz!

I'm just a beginner and there's still so much to learn, but what I have been learning is great fun! And I love to share what I know.
If you're ever in the Ottawa, look me up! :)