Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Urban Homestead Series: Wordless Wednesday


Theresa said...


Tony R. said...

I love your idea of "wordless Wednesday" and would like to know if you would mind me using it on my own blog? I'll give you credit of course :) If not, no worries


Amber said...

Hi Tony. I actually got the idea (without asking) from some other bloggers. Oh geeze and I don't even remember who they are or where to find them, to give them credit. Did I just commit a really horrible blogging etiquette sin?

Well all the Wordless Wednesday bloggers: I hope you don't mind that I've used your idea. It's very good. People like it. Tony likes it. Like all great ideas it is spreading. Thank you.

And thanks for asking Tony. You're a better person than I am! :)

Tony R. said...

Manner shammers! Thanks!