Sunday, February 28, 2010

I heart Jamie Oliver!

Ok. Wow. Seriously. I am totally lining up for some of this dude's (100% natural, not from concentrate, sugar free) Kool aid.

Jamie's wish:

"I wish for everyone to help create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire the family to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity."


Paola said...

He's right on the money on this issue, isn't he? I wish the powers-that-be would get real and instead of bashing fast food chains over the head to "get healthy", work on the demand side ie. get people to realise their health is in their hands, and they need to COOK (and grow things too)!

Lyneya said...

He's awesome. I've seen some previews for a new show he's supposed to be doing that I really want to watch. I've been working on getting my nephew addicted to dehydrated fruit instead of candy bars and now I'm like the family dealer. Only my "stash" is a bunch of quart jars full of apple chips.

Amber said...

Paola, sometimes I forget that lots of people don't actually know how to cook. I love Jamie's ideas of having 'food ambassadors' everywhere to show people how to choose good food and turn it into healthy, yummy meals. I would love to be a food ambassador!

Lyneya, I made some plum fruit leather from plum butter I had in the freezer. I gave some to the neighbour's kids. It was seriously like crack. The boy just kept coming back for more, with his eyes shining and this huge smile on his face when I give him another piece. Very fun!

Jerry said...

I don't feel particularly old but it amazes me how much has changed since I was a kid, especially in that so many kids cannot tell a potato from a tomato.

I wonder how many people whose lives are significantly shortened by their diets, also seek to derive some income via investment in funds containing stocks in the very companies profiting from all this nonsense. I bet the numbers would be almost as astonishing as the amount of kids mentioned above.