Thursday, February 25, 2010

I heart Paul Bergner!

It's things like this that make me so crazy, head over heels, bust my heart wide open, in love with herbalism.

"Paul Bergner is the director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, editor of the Medical Herbalism Journal, creator of, author of many herbal books including The Healing Power of Minerals, Special Nutrients and Trace Elements, The Healing Power of Echinacea and Goldenseal, The Healing Power of Ginseng and the Tonic Herbs, and The Healing Power of Garlic. He teaches herbal vitalism and in this podcast Paul lays a wonderful foundation for learning about herbs as he gets to the heart of herbal medicine…nature."

This might be a little woo woo for some people, and the interview is quite long, but if you have any interest at all in plants, ecology and healing, I do encourage you to set aside some time, make yourself nice and comfortable and have a listen. You'll be glad you did. Some parts of it are just so beautiful and lovely.

I listened to it yesterday afternoon while doing restorative yoga. I banged my kneecap real good getting out of bed in the morning and it was sore and swollen. It was my bad knee too, that I've dislocated 3 or 4 times in the past, and complains bitterly when I overuse it or don't give it the TLC it needs, so a gentle yoga practice was the order of the day, and this interview playing in the background was too perfect.

Paul Bergner tells a story about the regenerative power of nature that left me in absolute awe and totally filled to the brim with hope and joy. (It starts at approximately the 27:25 mark if you want to jump right to it.) Heck, I think I've been friggin' transformed by it!

Too much? Think I'm going overboard a little? Possibly. I am totally nuts about plants and nature. But have a listen and see for yourself!

And my knee? After the yoga, I massaged a combination of comfrey root and leaf oil, and comfrey root and Solomon's seal liniment into it a few times last night and this morning it's right as rain! Well, except that sometimes rain makes my knee ache, so that's maybe not the best analogy, but you get the idea.

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