Friday, March 12, 2010

I heart Dan Barber!

Last December I gushed and swooned over Dan Barber's TED talk on A Surprising Parable of Foie Gras. Well he's back on TED again, this time, weaving another beautiful and romantic tale about his relationship I seriously heart this man and his vision for the future of food.

"What we need now is a radically new conception of agriculture, one in which the food actually tastes good."

"Want to feed the world? Let's start by asking, how are we going to feed ourselves? Or better, how can we create conditions that will enable every community to feed itself? To do that, don't look at the agribusiness model for the future. It's really old and it's tired. It's high on capital, chemistry and machines. And it's never produced anything really good to eat. Instead, let's look to the ecological model. That's the one that relies on 2 billion years of on the job experience...Look to farms that restore instead of deplete, farms that farm extensively instead of just intensively, farmers that are not just producers, but experts in relationships..."

Major swoon fest!


Tony R. said...

I love this video, why can't the world work this way always!

Amber said...

I KNOW! Right? It's like my new fav blogger says, 'duhsies!'

His vision is so lovely, elegant, inclusive, rational and full of good plain horse sense.

I mean why wouldn't you want the world to be this way!? :)

Dude's got 'lotsa great taste, and whole lot more!'