Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I heart Hedgerows!



Hedgerow medicine!

Hedgerow flowers!

The music on that video is terrible. Don't listen to it! Turn the volume off and listen to this instead.

Too obvious? Try this. Too precious?

How 'bout this?

Ok, let's finish it off with a little prog rock.

I heart Bob Pollard.

And my public library. That's where I got the book on hedgerows, and now I am in love with hedgerows. I want a hedgerow!


wendyytb said...

Beautiful flowers! I have a very dense rose bush at the front of my home. it has grown to over 6 feet tall and the fragrance is delicious when in bloom. In the winter that bush shelters many birds and the hips feed them.

Thank you. i enjoyed that post and "seeing" you again!

Amber said...

Hi Wendy! I'm jealous of your rose bush. It sounds so beautiful.
I was thinking of growing apothecary roses this year...I've never grown roses before so it would be a new experiment!