Thursday, December 9, 2010

On How to Practice Medicine

I love this story Paul Bergner tells in an article in Plant Healer Magazine.

"In medieval Baghdad, the “license” to practice
medicine was given as permission to practice in the
marketplace. Examination was held, not written
examination, but interview, assessment, and direct
observation of practice. One of the rules was that an
individual would be disqualified from the practice
of medicine if they were observed to 'use a strong
herb when a mild herb would suffice, use an herb
when a food would suffice, or use a food when
simple advice about lifestyle would suffice.'"

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Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic quote, and still fantastic advice - I feel sometimes like it's all too easy to slip into really complicated ways of doing things when there are actually much simpler, easier, gentler, and even less expensive ways to do things.

Amber said...

Isn't it great?! Good words to live by. I love how in this model the physician's role is to help people stay well through a balanced lifestyle and good nutrition, first and foremost.

Very different from the 'take two pills and call me in the morning' approach...