Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wildcrafting Wednesday

A couple of fermentation experiments. On the left: milkweed flower buds and garlic scapes that will hopefully be a tasty, caper-like condiment. On the right: burdock stalks and dill seed. Also have some spruce shoots and chive blossoms infusing in vinegar.

I couldn't resist picking these sweet roses I spotted growing in amongst some other bushes, along a bike path.

Gathering red clover blossoms.


J.Garlough said...

Fermented burdock stalks? Hum... how do you think they'd taste pickled? Cukes take up a lot of urban backyard garden real-estate when I let them crawl around burdock stalks on the other hand are quite plentiful --- (even in my yard). :-/

Amber said...

I'm using the peeled, flowering stalk. They are quite mild and tasty raw and cooked. I'm hoping that fermented they will be awesome! I'll let you know how they turn out, and if they'r worthy. I'll bring them over for you to try!

Dmarie said...

now, that's an impressive harvest! I love capers (rinsed, drained and sprinkled on tomato slices especially), but they're so expensive!

Amber said...

Thanks Dmarie. You can also make capers from nasturtium seeds!

nasturium capers

nasturtium capers