Friday, September 9, 2011

Matheson House

On our visit to Perth last weekend, the ADG and I stopped in at the historic Matheson House. Built in 1840, four rooms have been restored to reflect life during the Georgian and Victorian eras. I loved having this glimpse into the pre-industrial past.

Our museum guide led us into the family room, decorated in typical Victorian style. Many of the items in the house are original and belonged to the Matheson family.

I thought the built in cupboard was super cool. The china was quite beautiful and lovely to look at, but I probably would use this as my apothecary and fill it with herbs and tinctures!

I fell in love with this lamp.

This is the upstairs drawing room. More formal and uncluttered, in the style of the Georgian period, it would have been used to entertain guests.

Maximum lounge-ability!

All that high-caste fancy stuff is nice and all, but my favourite place in the house was the realm of the servants: the kitchen.
Just look at all the wonderful kitchen implements.

The top floor of the house contained display cabinets filled with local history and lore, including the pistols used at the last fatal duel in 1833.
There was also a stunning dollhouse replica of the Matheson house.

The outside grounds contain a Scottish garden, kitchen herb garden and an outdoor bake oven. Being so late in the season there wasn't much to see out there and I suspect the gardens aren't as well maintained as the interior of the house, especially during the off season.

All in all, the ADG and I enjoyed our visit very much.