Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Kitchen and Garden for Hard Times

Unfortunately, not all episodes of this series are available for viewing on the youtube. But the final episode is up in three parts and it's a fascinating one.

There is an absolutely ingenious method of saving fuel and space while cooking food, that starts around the 3:48 mark. I'm dying to try it out. I love the idea of tying food to the lid of a steam pot! And if you look carefully you'll notice that Ruth takes her tea saucer to use as a cover for the bowl of gravy that gets heated up in the bottom of the pot. Clever!

At 8:20 there's foraging for elderflowers and using them in pancakes.

Be warned that the second part contains a very graphic skinning of a rabbit. But the 'waste nothing' message at the 6 minute mark is valuable and relevant today. Although if I were Ruth I'd reserve the bean water she pours out for a soup stock, to water plants or at the very least put into the compost. Tsk tsk Ruth for pouring it down the drain!

I think the discussion of black markets 8 minutes in, is important and useful too.

Part 3 three is all about community and celebrations and sharing what you have, however little, with others.

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