Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revealing the Hidden Harvest

These people are my friends. I heart them. They radiate awesomeness. And so does their new project.

"Ensuring Ottawa's fruit and nuts are valued, picked, and shared.

Hidden Harvest Ottawa is a social enterprise launching this spring, supporting Ottawa's urban orchard through planting trees and organizing harvest events.

We will be seeking lead volunteers to organize community harvest events (training provided), as well has volunteer harvesters and tree owners who would like the bounty from their edible trees to be put to good use.

Sign up to be the first to hear when we are accepting applications for volunteers and harvest locations.

Together we will make good use of healthy, local food. We will be addressing climate change with our forks, and building community by sharing our urban abundance!

If you live in Ottawa, you should check it out!

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Hidden Harvest Ottawa said...

Thank you Unstuffed! We heart your blog and all its readers too!

Also, you are now the first to hear that we're hoping to participate in the upcoming 3i Summit this May. It seems to be a vote-based system so please vote for us here and be sure to add your own comments & ideas.

Grow forth and radiate awesomeness. :D