Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just What the Herbalist Ordered

Pictured above are some of the recommendations from the herbalist I'm working with. Simmering on the left, is a big pot of fish bone broth, and on the right, a decoction of astragalus, reishi and ginger.  I'm to drink cups of each preparation every day for many months.

Every day I measure out the ingredients for the decoction.  I have to chop the reishi mushroom into smaller pieces.  I pour the water into the pot and keep an eye on it from time to time while it simmers gently on the stove.  It's best for this preparation to decoct for a long time.  To make the broth I cycled to the sustainably sourced fish retailer in town, where I got frozen fish bones and scraps very cheaply.  The broth too needs to simmer gently for hours.  In fact, both preparations require patience, time and attention to detail.  Sure it would be convenient and take less time to simply pop a pill on my way out the door, but that's not how this works.

Folks, this is my kind of medicine.  It's largely food based.  It's something our ancestors, even our ancient ones, would probably recognise.  I like to think of it as slow food meets slow medicine.  And really, what could be more nourishing and healing than a carefully made cup of tea or broth?

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