Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Medicinal and Edible Plant Walks

A reader asked about where to find out more information on the plant walks I mentioned in the last post.

If you're on facebook you can check out the event page here.  It is also posted on the Transition Ottawa site here.   

Learn the basics of plant identification, safe and sustainable harvesting practices, preparations and uses of locally growing, wild plants.

This series of informative plant walks will run once a month from May to September.  They are two hours each and will focus on edible and medicinal plants that grow all around us, right here in the city.  Each walk will cover different and new information on how the plants are used by peoples past and present.  Though I may talk about a plant more than once, you will learn something unique about it depending on where we're at in the season.  I will also have at least one sample snack or beverage prepared, of the plants covered, for you to try.


Green Grrl said...

Tweeted! :-)

These walks look great! Am sure there will be lots of interest.

Amber said...

Thank you!!