Monday, February 11, 2013

Four Rooms in One

In the morning, this room is where I get my yoga on, complete with OMs, up and down dogs and skull shining breath.

But I am slowly transforming this space to also function as a home office.

It's best to get as many outputs as possible from any one element in a system.  In permculture we call this stacking functions.

The outputs of the 'spare room' include:
- place to do yoga
- home office
- herb drying/processing room
- closet for ADG's worldy possessions
- misc. storage area
- guest room

To keep the vibe serene and peaceful I'll need to make sure to reduce clutter as much as possible.  My plan is to organise the space so that everything has its place, is easily accessible and can just as easily be returned to where it belongs.

Last week I put the desk in front of the window overlooking the river and now I want to be working here all the time.

I'm signed up for this incredible course learning herbal first aid from one of my favourite herbalists 7Song

Add to that a cup of hot tea, a bit of candlelight and a river view and I am the happiest girl in the world!

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