Monday, June 15, 2009

Independence Days Week #7

Plant something:
- two cucumber plants from the farmer's markets to replace a couple of my seedlings that died
- feverfew
- starting cabbage, chard and kohl rabi seeds in pots for fall garden

Harvest something:
- 6 oz spinach
- 22 oz radishes
- wood sorrel, lamb's quarters, violet leaves, plantain leaves, wild carrot, strawberry leaves

Preserve something:

- nothing for this category last week (unless you count trying to preserve my sanity! ;) )

Reduce waste:

- made my own oat cakes instead of buying them
- enviro-friendly dish and laundry soap refills
- watered tomato plants with leftover whey from yogurt making
- spread coffee grounds around cabbage plants
- collared cabbage plants with toilet paper tubes

Preparation and storage:

- added 6L water to emergency stores
- had day two of herbal apprenticeship
- positively identified mallow
- the ADGMD dug another bed
- planning the fall garden

Build community food systems:

- I don't really have anything for this category either. I showed some friends how to identify wood sorrel and lamb's quarters and explained to another friend where to find and how to use comfrey for composting and mulching...

Eat the food:
- spinach and radish salad with lamb's quarters and yellow wood sorrel
- shredded radish and yogurt spread, with spinach leaf toasted sandwich
- wild pesto pasta
- creamy salad dressing with yogurt, violet vinegar, oil, wood sorrel and violet leaves

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