Thursday, June 4, 2009

This gardening thing...

There is dirt under my fingernails. My hands bear the scratches from raspberry bushes. My knuckles are tingling from the sting of nettle. My hair is a bit of a mess and I barely had enough time to change out of my gardening clothes and into something more appropriate for the office.

I'm at the office now, sitting behind my desk, looking perhaps not quite as presentable as I could, but I don't think it's too noticeable. It'll have to do.

I'll keep this short and get back to work, but I just wanted to share my trip to the garden early this morning.

Last night, our wild edibles teacher Martha was so generous and allowed us to dig up a few plants on her property if we wanted. I was thrilled to take some cleavers, waterleaf, motherwort and chickweed.

Eager to get them in the ground as quickly as possible, I made the early morning trip to the garden and found new homes for them. As I was leaving, I picked a few more spinach leaves and three radishes! I also took some time to harvest a little more raspberry leaves, nettle, creeping Charlie and violet leaves.

Once home, I quickly chopped up the creeping Charlie, pressed it into a jar and poured apple cider vinegar over it to start a medicinal tonic. I spread the nettle boughs, raspberry and violet leaves out to dry.

Time for breakfast!

I rinsed off my freshly picked radishes and spinach leaves. I checked my very first attempt at making yogurt using this method. It worked! I had left it a touch too long and it had started to separate into curds and whey, so I strained out the whey (and saved it for a later use) and was left with a thick and creamy yogurt. Next, I popped two pieces of bread into the toaster. I buttered my toast, covered it with slices of radishes and spinach leaves. I spread a nice think layer of yogurt over it all and sprinkled a bit of salt and pepper on top.

A strange breakfast you say? Maybe. A weird combination? Perhaps. Taste? Oh my god, you have no idea! Sooo good.

There is dirt under my fingernails. My hair is a bit of a mess. I raced to work on my bike to get here in time, and I couldn't be happier. Hmmm...this gardening thing is fun!


Wendy said...

Amber... I had no idea that you could do anything with creeping Charlie besides curse it! I wondered if you could post a pic of it, close up, and your recipe for the medicinal concoction? Or...Is there a way I can send you a pick of what I have here? Also.. I am curious as to what Stinging nettle looks like? Have you pics of Plantain? I have an ointment made from it and it is quite effective. The trouble with internet pics that are googled is that I have not found any that are close enough to allow amateur to identify the plant, Thanks!

Amber said...

Hi Wendy. I will be doing lots of posts as I learn about different herbs and things and will hopefully provide good pictures. In fact I think this blog will fast become all herbs and gardening all the time!

In the meantime if you want to email me at unstuffed at gmail dot com, I'd be more than happy to exchange pictures and share with you the little bit of information that I know!