Monday, June 22, 2009

Independence Days Week #7

Plant something:
- a few more bush beans
- parsley and basil gifted to us (People are sooo generous with their surplus plants. I want to be that kind of people! Hopefully next year I will have surplus, so I too can share with others.)

Harvest something:
- wild crafted comfrey, plantain, violet leaves, creeping charlie
- spinach and radishes from the garden (My radishes are infested with some kind of worm. Yuck!)
- chive flowers
- lemon balm and a few mallow leaves
- two beautiful peonies from the garden, to grace my kitchen table (note: I was later told that peonies shouldn't be brought inside because they usually have ants on the flowers. I haven't noticed extra creepy crawlies in my place yet.)
- daisies (also for decoration)

Preserve something:
- infusing comfrey, plantain and violet leaves in oil
- drying creeping charlie
- put chive flowers up in apple cider vinegar
- the ADGMD froze some spinach

Reduce waste:
- made own yogurt from organic milk on sale
- made fertilizer tea from leftover comfrey
- arranged a ride share and traveled by bus to and from a family event this past weekend
- picked up some trash found in a wetland area in the city, while waiting for rideshare
- was given craft supplies from my Oma, who didn't want to throw them out, including an unfinished knit project from my great-grandmother

Preparation and storage:
- put dried violet, raspberry, nettle and creeping charlie into jars for storage
- added black beans to food storage
- took some monarda and sweet woodruff from mom's garden (will be planted in my garden for medicinal use)

Build community food systems:

- had friends visit the garden plot
- shared allotment garden information with fellow ride sharer who seemed really keen to rent a plot next season

Eat the food:
- still enjoying spinach and radish yumminess (with the worm eaten bits cut off of course!)
- fresh lemon balm and mallow tea (Note to self: always bring a thermos full of hot water to the garden to make tea!)
- made violet leaf and creeping charlie tea at my mom's place (My mom and Oma tried it and actually liked the taste. They were both impressed and interested when I told them what violets and creeping charlie are good for.)


Seraphim said...

You seem to be doing really, really well with Independence Days. Keep it up! And violet tea sounds lovely... they don't grow around here though so none for me. I'll stick to my delicious nettle and mint :)

Amber said...

Thanks Sera! The challenge is a lot of fun and all stuff that I'm keen to try anyway.

I'm so in love with nettle. Don't you think it has the most wonderful smell?