Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Homestead Holidays

Hi there. I'm on vacation! I'm relaxing with family in the lovely Georgian Bay area. My holiday plans are to spend a lot time reading some herbal books I brought with me, taking lots of plant and weed walks and doing yoga outside.

I'll try and make it back at some point on Friday for a roundup. In the meantime, check out this article on growing food movements.

(Sound of own horn tooting: I was interviewed for the article. Toot! Toot!)

Oh and for anyone coming to the blog via the article: Welcome! Come on in and make yourself at home. Feel free to be nosy and take a look around. There are links to tons of great blogs and resources here that will get you informed, inspired and active.

Have a great day!



Wendy said...

Have a great holiday, Amber! There's no place like home!

Wendy said...

Amber...Your interview was fantastic! It is nice to know someone in the news AND think of how many people you have influenced to a new way of thinking! You sure have helped me along the way...

Artizan said...

I hope you are enjoying you vacation. Great interview! I noticed a comment about 'gleaners' in the comments box. I thought you might be interested in this site:

I had a chance to volunteer during a field trip when I was studying Horticulture. What an excellent idea!