Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Days Week #10

Garden Then

And Garden Now

Plant something:
- chard and tatsoi

Harvest something:
- peas
- two heads of lettuce
- one beet that we put in the garden salad
- yarrow, mallow, daisy, nettle, mugwort, spearmint
- chives, dill, basil, cilantro, oregano

Preserve something:
- drying herbs

Reduce waste:
- had a minor thawing freezer emergency last week and had to use up spinach, nettle and cranberries
- saved the popsicle sticks from the thawed popsicles that I was keeping in the freezer for the neighbours
- composting!

Preparation and storage:
- bought rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, ASA
- added bulk brown rice to short term food supplies (brown rice doesn't keep as long as white rice, which has less nutritional value in it to go bad.)
- getting the ADGMD to read Gardening When It Counts
- set up cucumber trellis from salvaged materials

Build Community Food Systems:

- went to farmer's market
- gave allotment information to some interested people I met at a neighbourhood event

Eat the food:
- made nettle and spinach soup
- used peas in a pasta primavera
- made salad in the garden
- drinking tea

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