Monday, July 20, 2009

Independence Days Week #12

Plant something:
- chard

Harvest something:

- wild carrot
- lettuce
- 10 oz peas
- rhubarb

Preserve something:

- froze rhubarb
- decanted and refridgerated herbal oils
- stored dried catnip in labeled jar

Reduce waste:
- composting
- made oat cakes (instead of buying store bought)
- salvaged packaging paper from supply delivery to my work
- carpooled to herbal course outside the city

Preparation and storage:

- had another herbal apprenticeship day, learned about herbal actions, more materia medica, learned about elder, how to identify St. John's wort
- reading The Herbal Home Remedy
- reading Put a Lid on It! Small-Batch Preserving for Every Season
- became a member of Transition Ottawa!

Build community food systems:

- went to farmer's markets (Saw a fellow Peak Oil discussion group member at a local, organic veggie booth. I stopped to chat with him and was introduced to the friend he was with. The friend is involved in a transition movement near London, ON. I shared about the new Transition Ottawa movement. We talked for quite a while. I bought some delicious chard from the vendor at the veggie booth. As I was walking away the vendor asked the two who had stayed behind, "What's the transition movement?")


SoapBoxTech said...

I suspect you have seen this but I thought I'd share anyway, just in case:

jd said...

Many thanks for the mention of and link to Transition Ottawa.