Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grettings from My Parking Spot!

Our lease agreement includes access to a parking space.  I don't own a car, so I'm putting the space to better use.  The spot gets great south-facing sun for most of the day so it's perfect for my sun oven and new solar dehydrator.  (More on the solar dryer some other time.)

I wasn't sure I would able to use the sun oven and dryer at the new place, so I'm really happy that this arrangement is working well so far.  Response from the neighbours has all been positive too.

Yesterday my herbal decoction simmered all day, while my homemade fruit and nut bars dried nicely.

I love that I'm reducing electricity use and not adding extra heat to my AC-less apartment!


Chile said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Do you sit out with it, or just leave it there? (I mostly ask because I love the idea, but I'm not sure that I'd be comfortable leaving things like that around my building - they'd likely wind up broken or taken.)

Amber said...

wayfindingnotes, I don't sit out with the oven and dryer. I just set them up and walk away! If I'm home I check on them often, but I frequently have them out while I'm at work. So they can be unsupervised for up to 6-7hrs at a time. The sun oven I always bring in when not in use, but the dryer is too big and heavy to bring in and out all the time, so it stays put.

I do worry about the possibility of vandalism, but not really theft. So I guess I'm taking my chances and relying on the goodwill of humanity. :) The area they are in is at the back of the building so can't be seen from the street. There is fencing around three sides of the four building complex we are in, and acts somewhat as a deterrent but technically, anyone could walk up and do damage or steal them. That hasn't happened so far. (Fingers crossed)

I was thinking of attaching a steel ring to the dryer that I could put a bike lock through and attach that to something fixed. But I think there's a much greater risk of vandalism than theft, and if it came to that, the dryer could be repaired easily. Less so the sun oven.

This weekend one of my neighbours put her laundry out back on a drying rack, which is great! Perhaps if there is an increase presence of people in the building using the parking area for domestic tasks, there will less risk of theft and vandalism. Here's hoping!