Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nature Cure

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this segment of CBC's The Current, while getting ready for work this morning.

Discussed is the concept of the healing effects of nature, how our brains are hardwired to appreciate and want to be in contact with nature, some of the detrimental effects of city living and Nature Deficit Disorder. Some studies show that time spent in nature actually balances our neurological systems.

I was really interested in the mention of E.O. Wilson's theory of biophilia.

"The term "biophilia" literally means "love of life or living systems." It was first used by Erich Fromm to describe a psychological orientation of being attracted to all that is alive and vital. Wilson uses the term in the same sense when he suggests that biophilia describes "the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” He proposed the possibility that the deep affiliations humans have with nature are rooted in our biology."

Yes! I love that. And this short radio doc presents some really interesting ideas that seem to support the concept.

Hello, my name is Amber, and I'm a biophiliac.

The segment is about 30 minutes long and really worth a listen. Enjoy!

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