Monday, May 2, 2011

Winter Sown, Spring Sprouted

So I winter sowed some seeds in January and they've been outside ever since then, doing their thing.

Here's how they look now at the beginning of May. As you can see a few trays never sprouted. In total I planted 10 different kinds of seeds, 5 of which sprouted, so a 50% success rate. Considering it's only the second time I've tried this and I'm still learning and experimenting with the technique, I'm really happy with the results. The Betony, English daisy, Horehound, Echinacea and Calendula didn't sprout.

But the Chickweed, Queen Anne's Lace, Evening Primrose, Boneset and Astragalus did. I can't wait to put them into my medicinal/wild edible garden!

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wendyytb said...

I tried this with squash and was pleased with the results!