Friday, May 13, 2011

Wild About Weeds

Uh...blogger had some kind of massive stroke today and as a result has suffered some memory loss. I was able to recover one post, but yesterday's post with all the awesome food foraging links seems to be forever lost in the internet ether.

Here they are again - but without my highly intelligent, incredibly witty, scintillating commentary this time. ;)

NPR radio segment with Sam Thayer

My weed walk

The part on foraging starts around the 4:20 mark.

Contentious Perspectives on Weeds

Foraging for food to help make meal ends meet

"Throughout the financial ups and downs of this past winter, my husband, Rich, and I have relied on foraged food to add variety and nutrients to our diet. It may not seem like a big money saver to eat nettles instead of spending $2 on a bunch of greens at the store, but it adds up over time. When you have only $50 to your name, every dollar counts. I've found that I can actually avoid going to the store for weeks if I buy eggs from our neighbor, stock up on bulk food..., and forage for our mushrooms and greens."

And just in case you haven't had your...ahem...fill of weeds yet, here's two more items for ya:

More Sam Thayer!

Watch the full episode. See more In Wisconsin.

Weedwifery: A Feral Approach to Folk Herbalism

In the original post, I blathered on about the revival of a food foraging and wild medicine movement being a radical and game changing counter-current running through society and how it can transform the way we engage with the world. Instead of retyping all that nonsense, I'll just repeat what Mr. Thayer says in the video: "When we eat a landscape, we love and protect that landscape." 'Nough said.

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JGarlough said...

At the end of Sam Thayer's interview he says "If you eat a landscape then you'll love and protect that landscape"... True.