Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soup in a Basket

From earth to basket to soup pot:
dandelion greens
musk mallow leaves
red clover leaves
green garlic
violet leaves


wendyytb said...

Mmmm! I would love to come to your house for supper!!!

Amber said...

Wendy, I would LOVE to have you over for dinner! :)

Artizan said...

Hi, I finally got around to trying nettle last night. I've bought the dried leaf over the years, but never harvested it myself. A couple of plants showed up in my garden last year and are large enough to clip now (or where yesterday). My husband wasn't sure about eating food I had to prepare with gloves on, but they were very tasty! I still have to go easy on it this year so the plants can grow and seed, but I'm looking forward to incorporating nettle into my regular menu.
Thanks for the inspiration!